Test the Nation

I think the people designed the year stuffed up somewhat. Last year the average of people participating was around 110 IIRC which would be about right considering that this sort of show generally attracts those who think they will do well based on previous tests etc.

The average results year is 95, and I am not surprised. The questions were not that hard but with the time limit, one barely had enough time to compare all the options before having to vote. I think the range of questions was very limited compared to last year also. I suspect many people were put off by this.

The standard deviation would be very interesting. I suspect it would not be the normal 15.

And yes I did still do well (but less than 57/60 last year) , so no sour grapes 🙂

And of course I am a life long Tolkien fan. Average IQs for studio groups were:

Models 85 (harsh, as that is close to retarded level which shows how badly designed the was)
Reat Estate Agents 93
Taxi Drivers 93
60+ 98
Cricket Supporters 97
Tolkien Fans 107

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