Conference wrap-up

Just got back from five days in Auckland preparing for and helping run the National Party Conference. Exhausted as usual – as much due to the social functions as the work!

The band for once was superb. It was Mermaids, an all girl vocals band. They definitely rocked. One of the singers was ex-truebliss singer Joe Cotton whom I’m just watching on Celebrity Treasure Island – I should have asked her who won!

There was a fairly nasty item on TV3 last night showing a delegate looking semi-asleep. The person concerned in fact has a sleep disorder and if away from home gets almost no sleep at night, so to have TV3 ridiculing him for something he has no control over was pitiful.

Somehow I have ended up on the Party’s List Ranking Committee. This is a huge responsibility as the LRC will effectively select 20 or more of the 25 – 30 new MPs National looks to gain at the next election. I’ll be travelling to a lot of selection meetings around the region to get to know the candidates as much as possible.

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