Happy Families

A rather sad story in the Dominion Post about National MP Brian Connell and his lesbian sister-in-law (and former flatmate).

I really wonder about the wisdom of telling your sister in law that yeah your kids have turned out okay I guess, but they are probably the exception to the rule. I shudder that her kids will be reading this.

What really staggered me though is the statement that Brian would still vote for homosexuality to be illegal (or celibate). Even the MPs who did vote against law reform in 1986 almost all now concede it was the right thing to do.

I recall fondly the previous MP for Rakaia who (despite a background of being a Minister’s daughter) was very tolerant and absolutely without prejudice on these issues. In fact several of her staff in the PM’s office were openly gay or lesbian, and not once was there an issue about their partners being welcome.

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