Media political activism

Not many MPs would be willing to say out loud that they think the media can dish out criticism, but can’t take it.

Nor would many risk offence by saying that the only reason they get elected every time, is because their constituents do not listen to National Radio.

And further call a particular newspaper decision “malicious, unprofessional, offensive, unethical, inaccurate, unbalanced and unfair”.

And finally summing up by saying that Press Council has no credibility and Parliament should move to legislate professional standards for print media, as they do for broadcast media.

Indeed few MPs would say all that. And only Murray McCully would say it in an address to the entire National Press Club!

Assuming few media will report his speech verbatim, I am happy to include it below.

Hon Murray McCully
National Party MP

20 July 2004
1300 Embargo

Address to the National Press Club

Your topic invites me to address the extent to which there is political activism in the nation

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