Australian Election

The Australian Federal Election will be on Saturday 9 October. The latest polls suggest the Coalition and Labour are neck and neck.

Cuurently the Coalition has 83 out of 150 seats. If more than eight swap to Labour or other parties, then Labour will be in Government federally and in every state and territory – something that has nenver happened before.

Marginal by State are:

NSW – 9 marginal coalition and 3 marginal Labour
Victoria – 5 marginal coalition and 9 marginal Labour
Queensland – 6 marginal coalition and 4 marginal Labour
WA – 2 marginal coalition and 4 marginal Labour
SA – 3 marginal coalition and 1 marginal Labour
Tasmania – 2 marginal Labour
ACT – no marginals
NT – 1 marginal Labour

It will be an interesting campaign.

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