DPF on Nat Radio

Just a heads up that for those interested, Russell Brown and me are being interviewed by Linda Clark on National Radio tomorrow (Wednesday) from around 10.05 am to 10.25 am. We are talking about blogging of course.

I mischievously wonder if I will be allowed to mention any quotes from the farewell party video TVNZ made for Linda when she them in 1999. It included some footage of Linda trying to do a report standing on the street, and as various trucks sped past forcing reshoots, her exclamations of frustration became more and more colourful until they included words I am sure would be unsuitable for broadcast 🙂

Another highlight on the video was the fake 6 pm news item (but very realistic, complete with Richard and Judy) about how Linda was leaving TVNZ to stand for NZ First. It was side splittingly funny as they interviewed various people about this career move.

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