Isn’t adultery a sin also?

So civil unions will undermine marriage according to Destiny, but adultery is no barrier to holding a senior role within Destiny?

The SST has provided some details. A rival church group commented some time ago that Ian Bilby had affairs with some 10 – 20 women! Well, if you’re going to sin, you might as well enjoy it I suppose.

And posters to the Destiny thread here, last week, asked “While at Elim Ian Bibly was sprung for having several extra-marital affairs. He then went onto get divorced. He then remarried, something that is clearly mentioned in the new testament as a big no-no (adultery). OK, he can be forgiven for the affairs and divorce, but why is Brian ignoring the clear biblical instructions to shun the adulterer, yet is so hot on the gay issue?”

A good question.

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