Just to keep my rightist credentials

No Right Turn and myself have been agreeing on too much stuff lately, so to preserve my membership of the vast right-wing conspiracy, I’d better pick a fight or two.

NRT wants the authorities to be unable to use evidence gained by from another country. Now absolutely agree with prohibition on torture, but is he really saying that if a country gives you a call to say we have just learnt that Mr X is going to blow up a stadium in 18 hours with 30,000 people in it, that one should not act on the information because that other country may have used physical force to gain the info?

NRT also thinks parole is great, we just need more money, and guaranteed jobs and free homes for every prisoner. To me this is akin to communism would have worked if those in charge of communist countries had not abused their positions.

As much as will stoop low enough to mock his political views, it would be too cruel to mock his addiction to McDonalds food. God has a weird sense of humour 🙂

Finally NRT proposes the entire foreshore be handed over to a Treaty Council to manage. It depresses me how a very narrow ruling of the which merely said that if Maori cold demonstrate uninterrupted customary usage of a particular section of teh foreshore, they could lodge a claim for title, but it would be a veery high barrier to meet.

Maoridom and well meaning liberals have twsited this to some sort of ownership or special interest in the entire foreshore. This is crap and a world away from what the ruled. This is what is killing the country. We do not need a Treaty Council to manage the foreshore. We are not in a country where one race has co-management of all natural resources of NZ and the rest of us are tenants.

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