Labour’s Candidates

The NZ Herald had a story on Labour’s initial list of candidates.

In East Coast where Janet Mackey is retiring, they have decided to save money and reuse the old hoardings by just twinking out Janet and putting in her daughter Moana’s name instead. They may need to change the photos also think!

Ian Dunwoodie, Bob Francis and Denise MacKenzie are all going for Wairarapa. predict Bob Francis will easily win the Labour nomination.

In Invercargill one has Wayne Harpur and Lesley Soper going for the nomination. predict the union backed Soper will gain the nomination.

Labour seems so keen to get Brendon Burns out of the Beehive, he is uncontested for their Kaikoura nomination.

Finally in Tamaki it is a two way race between Leila Boyle and David Maka. My prediction again is Boyle will gain the nomination.

Of course whether any of the become is another matter. The election contests will be interesting.

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