The rise of anti-semitism

In the past I have always attributed the odd crank attack on Jewish monuments in NZ as the likely work of some teenage idiots just looking to shock.

Initially I classified the latest attack in the same way. It was only after looking at the photos taken by Kiwi Bob at Silent Running that I realised the true scale of the attack. It is by far the worst in NZ history and had to be done a group of some significane, not just a couple of skinhead kids. It really is sick.

Almost as sick are the comments on that bastion of left wing speech – Indymedia. At their Melbourne site you can read how:

“80 percent of all such world-wide outrages …have turned out to be perpetrated by disordered members of the Jewish community”

“Don’t be fooled, this is a hoax”

“But this kind of crap must be blamed on the Israelis ”

“Well Zionists and Nazis are two peas from the same pod”

It is easy to see the breeding ground for such anti-semitism.

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