Thy enemy’s enemy is thy ally

Very amusing watching the House today as Peters teamed up with Tamihere to suggest that Amokura Panoho attended the Maori Party meeting on work time (it was actually in the evening Steve Maharey pointed out).

Now considering that there is a long standing animosity between the two MPs (due to unproven allegations regarding a relative of Peters), their co-operation is quite unusual.

But Peters is very much a believer (as am I admittedly) that they enemy’s enemy is thy ally. Thus earlier this year we saw him turn overnight from attacking Labour to becoming their poodle, when National went up in the polls attracting people from the elderly conservative wing of NZ First.

Now the Maori Party is seeping away NZ First’s only other support base – Maori – so of course he is now attacking the Maori Party and playing poodle even more vigorously with Labour, and even his arch foe John Tamihere.

I enjoy nothing more than seeing Peters get closer and closer to Labour.

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