10 things I have learnt in Washington

1) Zebra crossings do not mean traffic gives way to pedesterians, like they do in NZ. In fact I have no idea what they do mean.

2) Buildings are not numbered in consecutive order but all buildings between say 22nd and 23rd Avenue will be between 2200 and 2299. Once you know this, it makes finding places much easier.

3) There appears to be a lot more female students at Georgetown University than male.

4) They have newspaper bins at literally every corner.

Washington 007.jpg

5) They have beggars at not every corner, but there are still a lot of them/

6) Washington DC is actually quite a small city, easy to walk around, and no huge tower blocks like New York.

7) You can get three courses for two people at a Thai restaurant for only US$40.

8) Crossing signals which tell you how many seconds are left, are a damn good idea.

9) Some people are sore losers 🙂

Washington 010.jpg

10) American TV humour is far more vicious and funny than in NZ (more on this later).

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