Blog Lite

There won’t be as much blogging as normal for a while, as the two days a week contracting has expanded to five days a week. This is on top of my almost full-time role running Curia so two full-time roles is not pretty.

And on top of the regard as my job, I also have a daunting and growing list of other things I need to do in the next few weeks. I have multiple board papers to read and write for both InternetNZ and .nz Registry Services. Am working on a couple of discussion papers, some training and some fund-raising (a night) for National, and need to organise a seminar for the Classical Libs. Plus revising the web content for the Int Young Democrat Union, and also got work to do for the Republican Movement.

Bottom line is that even with my ability to only sleep four hours a day, haven’t got much time for blogging at the moment. Should get better in a week or so.

Oh yeah, also will be nice to have some time to keep in touch with old friends.

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