Elect NZ Herald as Mayor

The NZ Herald appears to be so partisan in the Auckland Mayoralty campaign, it might as well stand for Mayor itself.

A while ago it announced it would niot publish any photos of John Banks doing Mayoral duties as this would disadvantage his opponents. Well I look forward to them writing to Helen Clark to inform her that for the 90 days before the next election, they will refuse to publish any photos of her, as it will disadvantage Don Brash.

Now they have published an article whose oinly point is to discredit the Mayor by arguing over whether all the achievements he claims, were due to him.

Now I have no problem at all with claims by candidates being scrutinised by the media. I wish they would do it more often, as it would mean less work for bloggers who often have to do it for them.

But I wonder if we will see this level fo rebutal and scrutiny applied to all candidates. Will there be an expose of who actually does what with Hubbard Foods? Will all of Helen Clark’s statements in the election get a dedicated article analysing any claimed achievements?

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