I hate doing this

I hate having to say the words that should never pass my lips, but Winston may be right on the Edwrads case.

Unlike most Winston scandals which exist in his imagination only, it is obvious Winston has one or more sources from within the Police who are obviously appalled at the lack of prosecution of Edwards for the Shaw burglary. And I know from first hand experience that Police National HQ do interfere in sensitive cases, and over-ride what the local officer in charge wishes to do.

Peters also has some substance when he talks about why Edwards got off with manslaughter. The panic attack defence was one I thought was bullshit anyway, and if it is true that Edwards had known for McNee for over three years, this should have been used by the Police at trial.

Peters is off base in accusing Hawkins of a cover up (Hawkins couldn’t cover up a wet spot let alone a conspiracy), but he has posed some legitimate questions, which to my mind still need answering. The media should be pressuring the Police for answers, not just reporting on Peters’ antics in Parliament.

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