If he goes, we go

In a bout of factionalism literally unseen since the 1980s, two members of Labour’s “right” faction have pledged to resign their positions, if George Hawkins (from the same faction) is dropped from Cabinet.

Firsty it should be stated that Clayton Cosgrove threatening to resign if Hawkins is sacked, can only make a sacking far far more likely. Clayton is not at all well liked by his colleagues (or opponents).

But Tamihere threatening toi resign also, would be very destabilising for the Government. Therefore it is likely this blackmail will be sucessful and Hawkins will keep his job. But how demeaning to keep your job not due to the confidence of your colleagues, but because of blackmail from your mates.

Quite frankly Hawkins should go. He is a lazy and incompetent Minister. The paper trail in the Leaky Homes scandal showed he didn’t even read the letters from building industry experts warning him of the problem, and never once showed any sort of initiative.

His relationship with the Police is dysfunctional, as he interferes in minor matters like the colour of the paint for traffic safety cars. And the nonsense about the lowest crime stats in 20 years is debunked here.

The long expected reshuffle is looking more and more as a non event.

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