Michael Laws bid for Mayor

Most people will know is one ofsix candidates for Mayor of Wanganui.

Michael is a former National and NZ First MP. And like me a former Otago/Southland Young National, student politician and parliamentary staffer. Also I was behind the satirical assassiniation announcement a few years ago, which landed me in a some trouble with the law.

So I follow Michael’s career with interest. What has been very amusing is how Michael has tried to paint his from in 1996 as a principled decision, rather than because he got caught out telling big porkies.

On the Internet newsgroup nz.politics someone has posted an e-mail quoting from Napier Cr John Harrison, who gives a full retelling of what happened.

To be fair to Michael (God know why I am ) I’ll also link to his detailed reply and rebuttal.

Any Wanganuivians got the inside word on who is likely to win?

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