Still need convincing?

Okay you don’y want to listen to the pyjama clad partisan wingnuts, and still think the memos are real. Well can I introduce Joseph Newcombe.

Joesph does not like George Bush but he does not like forgery either. And he knows a bit about digital typography, describing himself as “one of the pioneers of electronic typesetting”. He has been involved in many aspects of computer typography, has personally created computer fonts, helped create programs that created computer fonts, was a certified Adobe PostScript developer and has written about Microsoft Windows font technology in a book he co-authored, and taught courses in it.

One can agree I think with his assertion he is a qualified expert in computer typography.

You can read at the link his full analysis. A couple of highlights:

The probability that any technology in existence in 1972 would be capable of producing a document that is nearly pixel-compatible with Microsoft

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