US Humour

The late night humour in the US is simply light years ahead of New Zealand in terms of bluntness and humour. Some examples:

Talking about how a blind couple got fined for not cleaning up dog poop from theiur seeing eye dog, the late night host shouts at the screen “Hello morons, they couldn’t see shit” so they should not be fined. He then went on to say we should be nice to the blind couple anyway, as they may be at risk of losing their jobs as fact checkers for CBS!!

Then Bill Maher talking about Kerry’s speaking style says “Kerry couldn’t set a crowd on fire, even if he used napalm” – vicious but spot on.

And discussing that the US shoudl remove the restrictions on both foreign-born Presidents and serving more than two terms, Maher quits that this would allow Clinton (Bill) vs Schwarznegger to stand in 2008, on the issue of who has lied the least about groping women. “It would be the terminator vs the sperminator”.

And of course, one also has Dave Letterman’s Top Tens.

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