A good end to a bad start

The flight back home started badly, at Washington Dulles Airport. The line for the security checks was quite seriously probably over 300 metres long, stretching through the terminal. It took 5 minutes or so just to walk to the back of the line!!

Flight to LA was okay, but I was still fairly sick of all the repitive queuing, so when I got to the boarding gate, and finally made it to the front, I wasn’t happy to be told there is an issue with my ticket and can I go over to another counter.

But then at the other counter, they told me that they would like to upgrade me to first class, my bad temper suddenly disappeared. I had Seat 1B which had a great view and lots of space. I am normally unable to sleep on flights, but when the seats effectively turn into beds, even I spent most of the flight asleep. Two staff for just twelve people was a nice ratio also – never got thirsty.

So now back in New Zealand (well Auckland anyway) and reading the new Herald on Sunday, which seems quite good to me. Will blog a bit on it and the SST later.

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