Banks out

I’ve just heard that john Banks has lost by around 17,000 votes. Also a number of Council seats have gone away from Citizens and Ratepayers now, so it looks to be a very different Council.

I suspect things were much much closer until the fiasco over the copies of the NBR article. The public hate underhand stuff like that (even though I don’t think it was illegal) and it taints the entire team.

UPDATE: You can see results here.

The Council makeup is

Citizens & Ratepayers Now 6
City Vision 6
Labour 3
Action Hobson 2
Others 2 (Faye Storer and Bill Christian)

So CR have 7 and CL have 12 (13 with Hubbard) on ACC.

Condolences to Aaron Bhatnagar who lost his seat on Hobson Community Board. It was great having an incumbent blogging on local body issues.

Looks like City Vision have won most of the community boards also – a decisive victory.

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