Full Wellington City Council results

Gareth Robinson agrees with me that the official results are in a crap format, and he has handily prepared an Excel spreadsheet for all the wards.

It is interesting to compare the order in each race according to first preferences, and the order in which people were elected. For each ward I list the first preference order, followed by the order in which they were elected (or reverse order of elimination)


Prendergast – 1st and 1st
Pepperell – 2nd and 2nd
Goulden – 3rd and 3rd
Ruben – 4th and 5th
O’Brien 5th and 4th
Hay – 6th and 6th
Burke – withdrew

So Ruben started off with more votes than O’Brien but as O’Brien picked up more preferences, Ruben was knocked out first.

Northern Ward

Helene Ritchie – 1st and 2nd
Robert Armstrong – 2nd and 1st
Hayley Wain – 3rd and 3rd
Ian Hutchings – 4th and 4th
Ngaire Best – 5th and 6th
Jim Candilotis – 6th and 5th
Ash Bhasin – 7th and 7th
Kent Clark – 8th and 8th
Ron England – 9th and 9th

So Ritchie had the highest number of first preferences, but Armstrong was elected ahead of her, as he got a large number of preferences from team-mate Ngaire Best when she was eliminated.

Onslow-Western Ward

Andy Foster – 1st and 1st
John Morrison – 2nd and 2nd
Jack Ruben – 3rd and 3rd
Judy Siers – 4th and 4th
Te Makao Bowkett – 5th and 5th
Kelly Buchanan – 6th and 6th

Lambton Ward

Stephanie Cook – 1st and 1st
Alick Shaw – 2nd and 3rd
Ian McKinnon – 3rd and 2nd
Iona Pannett – 4th and 4th
David Zwartz – 5th and 5th
John Macalister – 6th and 6th
Michael Appleby – 7th and 7th
Rosamund Averton – 8th and 8th

Shaw started out ahead of McKinnon and ended up just behind him.

Eastern Ward

Ray Ahipene-Mercer – 1st and 1st
Rob Goulden – 2nd and 3rd
Leonie Gill – 3rd and 2nd
David Major – 4th and 4th
Chris Anastasiadis – 5th and 5th
Phil Sprey – 6th and 6th

Again a swapping between second and third place.

Southern Ward

Bryan Pepperell – 1st and 1st
Celia Wade-Brown – 2nd and 2nd
Sue Piper – 3rd and 3rd
Tafa To’o – 4th and 4th
Ben Knight – 5th and 5th
Linda Hobman – 6th and 6th
Silvia Zonoobi – 7th and 7th
Langi Sipeli – 8th and 8th

And no change here.

What is interesting is that in terms of whom got elected, it looks like STV has poduced the same result as FPP would have. One can not know for sure as people would have been able to tick more than one person, but the effect of preference allocations appears to have been quite minor.

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