Ahmed Zaoui and the SIS

Actually this is about two seperate issues, but both on Peter Matcalf’s blog.

I missed the story during the week, but Peter has alerted me to the fact that the SIS informed a senior civil servant in 1986 that David Lange was having an affair with one of his staff.

This, if correct and I am sure Rod Deane would not make it up, is absolutely outraegous. I don’t have a problem with the SIS knowing, but there is no way they should have been informing anyone but their Minister.

I do recall when I worked in the PMs Office, that the SIS would come in every so often to check for bugs. We used to joke that they were probably just checking their ones were still working 🙂

While over at Peter’s, you should also read his excellent summary of the Ahmed Zaoui case.

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