Zaoui Winners

The big winner from the Zaoui affair has to be Deborah Manning.  Her advocacy on behalf of Zaoui has been tenacious and effective.  She has won against the Crown on multiple occassions.

If I was ever arrested by the Government for treason, then Manning is who I would try and get as my lawyer.  Of course with her political leanings she is more likely to be the Crown Prosecutor for my trial 🙂

The second winner is Warren Tucker.  He is winning plaudits for both the compromise and direct negotiations with Zaoui, but also actually holding a press conference.  I also urge people to read the SIS report into their decision – it provides some very useful info.

People should also read Zaoui’s undertaking to the SIS, which are not entirely trivial.

The third winner is Helen Clark.  If the compromise has not occured, then she faced one of three scenarios:

  • The security risk certificate being struck down by the Inspector-General, which would cause a crisis of confidence in the SIS.
  • The certificate being upheld and the Minister intervening to stop Zaoui being deported, opening the Government up to massive criticism from NZ First and National for a waste of money and soft touch.
  • The certificate being upheld and Zaoui being deported with a massive protest from the left.

The fourth winner of course is Zaoui himself.

John Armstrong also looks at winners and losers. The NZ Herald editorial says a revised Immigration Act will be Zaoui’s legacy. Peter Metcalfe also reviews the case and notes how Zaoui’s interactions with the GIA were stronger than his supporters had claimed.

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