Losers vs Losers

I popped into Parliament today to look at, and laugh at, the 30 or so losers who make up the National Front. Here they are waving their flags about.

dpf 012.jpg

I was surprised that there were quite a few women in the group. One lovely heaving tatooed lass did some Nazi salutes to the protesters. The NF could hardly claim this time they didn’t see it as she was in the middle of them. Here is a photo of her a few seconds afterwards.

dpf 015.jpg

The so called “scary fairies” protesters came across as a bunch of idiots also. They looked like a group of wannabee terrorists with their face scarves.

dpf 014.jpg

TVNZ reported that later on violence broke out, and as much as I would love to blame it on the National Front, the majority of the blame is on the “scary fairies”.

As blogged on Left and Lefter, a group of people broke off to deliberately confront the NF people at the railway stations. This was incredibly stupid, and in fact the sort of harrassment that people were marching against.

It will just make the NF feel more righteous in their cause, and ended up getting them more attention and even a bit of sympathy. A real own goal, which is a pity for the organisers of the 2,000 who did march peacefully.

Oh and finally we have a photo of the Sunday Star-Times political editor, Helen Bain, reporting on the rally, and caught by surprise 🙂

dpf 016.jpg

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