Good old Gilbert & Sullivan

Friday Night was spent at the State Opera House enjoying a couple of good Gilbert and Sullivan operattes and then dinner at the Curry Club afterwards.

I only got into Gilbert and Sillivan a few years ago, when a friend was singing in Mikado. This was my 4th G&S and I am determined to see them all.

Trial by Jury was very short – only 45 minutes. The chorus singing was not always spot on, but Celia Falchi played the role of Plaintiff Angelina very well, and Chris Whelan was well cast as the towering Judge who ends up marrying the Plaintiff.

The Sorcerer was much longer, but was so funny the time flew by. Kimberly Smith was quite stunning as Aline – her singing was excellent. Lloyd Scott was up to his usual high standards as Wellington Wells, the Sorcerer. I enjoyed the plot of the Sorcerer with a bit of a moral about what goes wrong when people try to interfere in relationships!

Overall a very worthwhile night out, finishing at 9 p.m. which was a good time to pop into the Curry Club for dinner. They do not take bookings so it is always a good choice for a Friday night. The $25 banquet saw us all full up.

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