Visiting Cato

The Cato Institute is one of the leading, if not the leading, public policy thinktanks.

This is a photo of their HQ.

Washington 045.jpg

They have a massive range of publications, many of which I stole off them. God knows how my luggage will be allowed on the plane with all this extra weight, but I may be okay as I think business class allows extra luggage.

They were remarkably well informed on New Zealand, and current issues there (like Orewa), but I did manage to give them extra details of the various anti private sector moves by the NZ Government 🙂

I am keen to have any of their staff or fellows talk to the Classical Libs in NZ, if they are in this part of the world, so hopefully will have some visits occuring next year.

In a display case on the ground floor they have one of the dozen or so priceless original copies of the Declaration of Independence, and also an original copy of Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith (the father of modern economics and capitalism). Hard to get a good photo of the declaration, but the book came out okay.

Washington 049.jpg

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