2008 Presidential Election

The Coyote Blog observes that in 2008, it will be the first time since 1952 that there will be no incumbent President or Vice-President running.

This means an election not focused so much on defending a record, but on hopefully policies for the future.

I previously blogged the potential Republican nominees.

The Democrats don’t seem to have a huge array of contenders. The only 2004 contender who might have a chance is John Edwards, and he did not impress, plus he is now out of the Senate so he would have to campaign on merely one Senatorial term as his qualifications.

Hillary Clinton must be regarded as odds on favourite. Daschle is gone, Obama is too new, and few other Senators of stature. Al Gore is young enough to try again, but I would be surprised.

I don’t know that many of the Democratic Governors – a Southern Governor could be their best bet, but they don’t have too many anymore. Bill Richardson could be credible.

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