Criminal earns $143 an hour

This is just so stupid. A rotorua teenager refuses to pay his fines because he “hates the Police” so the judge lets him off $43,000 of fines in return for a mere 300 hours of community work. So effectively paying him $143 an hour for community work.

The teenager in question has said he did have money but he just chose not to use it paying off his fines.

Here is what Judge Farrar would have decided:

“Your fines are not an option. They are an obligation for your offending. They have just been increased to $45,000. Also this court is seizing all your assets to start paying them off, and putting a lieu on your future income. And on top of that you are also being given 500 hours of community service being five hours every Saturday and Sunday for a year. And if you don’t finish them, you will be going to jail, and if you drive whiule disqualified once more you will also be going to jail and I will ban you from driving for the next twenty years”

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