How lame

Labour are still trying to distract people from the Tamihere scandal. Having given up on the koha claim, and also having tried to claim that at least any offending is not as serious as the insider trading David Richwhite is accussed of, they are now going for Tariana Turia.

Their big scandal is that tax was not paid it seems on a $45 a week cleaning contract. Oh my God!!!

As it happens there were clear written documents showing the cleaner had agreed to liability for the taxes.

This is really desperate stuff, if that is the best Labour can come up with. And have no doubt it did come from Labour. Ministerial Services itself is totally neutral and never ever leaks. As Turia said “This must be the first time in the history of Ministerial Services that information has been leaked about a minister’s spending.”

She is right, but have no doubt the leak came from the Minister in charge of Ministerial Services, not the service itself. The Minister of course has an office on the ninth floor.

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