Turia must name names

Tariana Turia has to back up her allegations of being offered money in return for agreeing to back Labour, or withdraw the claim.

This is not a trivial issue. Is is an accusation of serious illegal behaviour, and blatant vote buying.

Clark’s billionaire friend, Owen Glenn, whom many thought fitted the description, has denied it was him. He says he has never even heard of Mrs Turia. How reassuring that the biggest donor in NZ politics is so well informed!!

A suggestion someone made yesterday was that an MP could write to the Speaker asking this matter go before the Privileges Committee. Turia was an MP last year and by her own words this was someone wanting to pay $250,000 so she and others would vote in favour of Labour on confidence and supply.

If Turia is unwilling to back up her allegation, then she can not expect to be taken credibly on other issues. You can’t make such allegations without proof.

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