The Transtasman 2008 MP Scorecard

Transtasman has just published its ratings for MPs in 2008. Those who lost their seats are not included, while new MPs are comented on but not given a rating out of 10.

Like I did last year, I look at some of the scores.

I like to analyse data so have put all the ratings into a spreadsheet and here are the average ratings for each party (2+ MPs), with the change from last year:

ACT            5.3        +1.0
Green         4.4         +0.3
Labour       4.5         +0.5
Maori         5.9         +1.5
National    5.0          +0.3

All parties increased their average rating. This is probably due to “dead wood” leaving in the election. The four Maori MPs score highest followed by ACT then National.

Top Scores

John Key            9.0 (+1.0)
Bill English        8.5 (+0.5)
Simon Power     8.0 (+0.5)

Also on 7.5 were Gerry Brownlee, Judith Collins, Tim Groser, Anne Tolley and Tariana Turia

Bottom Scores

Ashraf Choudary            0.5
Darien Fenton                1.0
Nicky Wagner                2.0
Colin King                      2.0

Largest Increases

Tariana Turia          +4.0
Rodney Hide           +2.0
Jonathan Coleman  +2.0

Largest Decreases

Shane Jones                 -2.0
Lockwood Smith         -2.0
Clayton Cosgrove       -2.0

Top Performers by Party

Act – Rodney Hide 5.5
Green – Jeanette Fitzsimons 6.0
Labour – Clark 7.0, Goff 7.0, King 7.0
Maori – Tariana Turia 7.5
National – Key 9.0, English 8.5, Power 8

I may do some more analysis later, looking at how the frontbenches compare, but off to the swearing in of MPs at 2 pm.

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