Into the bush!

I really should holiday more often. There is something very relaxing about being in the bush, away from it all. Once can even hear the name “Winston Peters” and not feel a violent reaction.

Today I was at the Karunda Rainfirest Village. The trip up was by scenic railway and the return journey by skyrail/gondola – for a huge 7.5 kms.

CK 002a.JPG

A view from the train (I missed the sign about not sticking things outside the window) starting the journey up.

CK 007a.JPG

A waterfall we passed.

CK 008a.JPG

A great view of the rainforest as the train continues to climb.

CK 017a.JPG

Walking along one of the tracks at Kuranda.

CK 019a.JPG

And on another track (in a burst of enthusiasm I walked all six of them)

CK 020a.JPG

Walking back alongside the river. Looked a great place to picnic, but I kept imagining crocodiles lurking, even though I know there are none this high up.

CK 023a.JPG

The market/shopping strip in Kuranda.

CK 027a.JPG

A view of the river from the skytrain/gondola going back.

CK 036a.JPG

A 600 year old kauri tree.

CK 038a.JPG

And finally a view of the local area as we descend.

Highly recommended for anyone who comes up to this part of Queensland.

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