Kids on the DPB

Judy Turner has revealed that a woman on the DPB has had eight more children since first receiving the benefit. ANd over 100 women have had five or more children while on the DPB.

Now this is simply nuts.

Before people foam at the mouth let me say that of course there are many legitimate DPB recepients. Parents lose partners, spilt up, have unexpected pregnancies and it is not a good idea to have kids born into poverty.

But eight kids while on the DPB? Mad. Now I am sure some will claim it is a woman’s right to have as many children as they like. Sure – but it is my right not to pay for them all.

Oh and Rick Barker is telling porkies. He claims women on the DPB only get an extra $21.40 a week for an additional child, and then no more. He is deceiving people by not mentioing the significant increase in other taxpayer support.

Once future directions is fully implemented, a DPB recepient having a second child will have a potential net income of $31,154 compared to $24,810 for one child. So that is over $200 a week more. Even without the accomodation supplement it is $60 a week more. So Barker is being quite malicious by using the $21.40 a week figure.

For those interested below are the *net* incomes under future directions for someone on the DPB (with no other income), per child. The first figure is without accomodation supplement and the second is showing the maximum supplement.

1 child – $16,490/$24,810
2 children – $19,454/$31,154
3 children – $22,418/$34,118
4 children – $25,382/$37,082
5 children – $28,346/$40,046
6 children – $31,310/$43,010

So in fact being on the DPB with six children gets you around twice as much money as having one child. And Barker would have you think it is only $20 a week more.

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