Yuck yuck yuck

NZPA has reported on how a Hawke’s Bay woman (explains a lot being from Hawke’s Bay 🙂 says she is breastfeeding her staffordshire bull terrier pup because she wants the dog to protect her baby girl as they grow up.

Gross is my initial reaction. And my next one. And the one after that. Yuck.

Now animal behaviour experts say the puppy could end up an aggressive dog with behavioural problems.

No kidding.

It reminds me of the David Bain mass murder case, where he slaughtered his whole family. It turned out his mother kept breast feeding the children, well past the recommended age. You wonder how long for? 2 years? 3 years? God forbid even 5 years?

Nope Mrs Bain breast fed them until they were 13 years old!!

And then David Bain shot his entire family – there has to be a moral there somewhere. Such as breastfeeding is only for infants!

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