A nice summer day

Once again a stunning summer’s day in Wellington. Long may summer last.

10.30 am Brunch at Masi – eggs benedict and cappuccino.

11.00 am Read Dominion Post and its article on blogging. Greatly relieved to find that “more than useful” journalist Maggie Tait has not used any of my more stupid quotes and in fact the whole article is very good. My only objection is gratuitous mention of my age 🙂

11.30 am Start looking for Xmas presents, browsing at The Vault and Dymocks. End up buying present for myself and nothing for anyone else. Did note some likely purchases though.

12.30 pm Go to friend’s flat where we attempt to pay her parking tickets online. Appears she has already paid it, so she is happy at being $42 richer.

1.00 pm Head back into town to Dick Smith’s to buy phone extension cable for said friend, so laptop can be used from table instead of floor. Instead decide to get a Woosh Wireless connection.

1.30 pm Leuven beckons to us. Enjoy sitting outside in the sun, having some Stellas and of course their traditional Belgium mussels.

2.30 pm Walk to Frank Kitts Park and just enjoy the view and some more sun.

3.30 pm Head home to find in the mail that the government valuation on my property has now increased to $295,000. This is rather surprising, but nice, as last year’s valuation was only $235,000. Hmmn I don’t feel $60,000 richer. Only downside is rates are sure to increase.

5.15 pm Time to head out again to enjoy some wine, curry and games this evening. Only negative is the need to be in Palmerston North by 10 am Sunday so will have to take it easy tonight.

Again one of those days where I achieved nothing I planned to, but just enjoyed life. All too rare!

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