Around the blogs

Most bloggers are on holiday, but a few are still going. The Whig has some good stuff, namely:

* More pictures of the Whigette (whoi should visit Wellington more often!)
* A hilarious interview with Ann Coulter
* His annual awards (and not just because I get one of them) including a c**t of the year category. The blowing of some of his $8,000 payout on Eva from Showgirls sounds a good story.

Aaron Bhatnagar is back from his honeymoon, and also has some awards.

UPDATE: Reinventing TVNZ has an insightful piece on how TVNZ is now the establishment it once challenged.

Also we have Rodney Hide on how Government officials have agreed that tax cuts would add around $1.5 billion a year to the NZ economy.

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