CUB 2nd reading

This should happen from 3 pm to 4 pm today. My pick is 64 in favour, 55 against and one absence. The third reading next week may vary further depending on committee stage changes.

I see the Catholic Church is urging all Catholics to vote against MPs who vote for the Civil Unions Bill.

I am confident that most Catholics will take as much notice of this, as they do of the Catholic prohibition on contraception, sex before marriage and any other number of things. Which is not much at all.,

I really liked the joint press conference with members of Young Nationals, Young Labour, ACT on Campus, Young Progressives and Young Greens all in favour of the Civil Unions Bill. Not often you see the youth wings of 85% of Parliament united on an issue. This reinforces what the public polls have said – that those under 40 are massively in favour and just don’t see what the fuss is about.

I’ll post results of the vote as it happens.

UPDATE: Nice photo of the youth reps in the Dom Post. I know Emily Hayes and Michael Collins well (good one guys), and ironically also was talking to Iona Pannett last week on another issue. Yet to meet Michael Wood but he must be a good guy to cope with Spanner 🙂

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