Does this mean Trevor is racist?

When Don Brash gave his Orews speech, everyone from the PM down said he was a nasty despicable racist and condemaned his call for policies based on need not race. Then the polls moved, and the Government then said there were no race based policies. And then a list was provided, and so they said they would review them.

Finally we have some action, with Trevor Mallard removing the ethnicity weighting from the scholl funding formula.

As Trevor said Don was a racist for his Orewa speech, does this mean Trevor is now a racist for doing what Don had called for?

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are still literally hundreds of other race based policies as we are seeing with the Probation Service.

People should remember that if it was not for Don Brash, this issue would not even be debated, let alone have anything happening to remedy the problems.

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