Levin, babies and licorice

Headed up to Levin yesterday for a meeting of the Otaki Campaign Committee. Picked up Megan and Finlay on the way. The back seatbelt was not big enough to fit around the mobile cot, so Megan ended up in the back and I had the new (for me) experience of driving with an eight week old next to me.

National’s Otaki candidate, Nathan Guy, is a great candidate, previously well known to many, already been in the media several times a week, and basically campaigning full-time. A really nice guy whom I predict he will do very well in politics. He has a fun and dedicated campaign team. Best of all we met at a licorice shop, so I left with my bag full of delicious licorice. Yum.

On the way up I spent 20 minutes in traffic at the bloody Paremata roundabout, and this was at 2.00 p.m. only. The Government has basically killed off Transmission Gully, and the jams are only going to get worse.

Also discovered that just because a baby was perfectly behaved the other times one has visited, does not mean they are always a perfect angel. Finlay can make a lot of noise when he is in the mood, and he was very much in the mood. Mothers who have more than one child really are masochistic 🙂

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