Mother Nature

Every so often Mother Nature reminds us that despite all our achievements, the forces of nature are incredible with their power. The Asian tsunami is now thought to have killed 23,000 people and has around two million homeless. The extent of human misery it has caused can not be calculated with mere statistics.

If people want to help make a difference, can I recommend you consider donating to the Red Cross. I worked for NZ Red Cross for four years and can testify what amazing things they can do, with not much money. Just one sanitation engineer can provide water for 50,000 water.

The nice thing about the Red Cross, unlike many other charities, is they do not deduct any of their administration costs from tagged donations. Not even the cost of doing a bank draft to Geneva. Everey single cent gets sent to the International Red Cross, and they also have seperate funding for their administrative costs, so they again spend every cent of your money actually in the field of the country you have donated to.

You can donate $20 by ringing 0900 31 100.

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