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It is a nice feature of blogging that people can let loose and say what they really think, regardless of whether a newspaper editor or talkback host would approve of it.

And fellow bloggers have certainly been doing that. Firstly we have Nigel Kearney who shows his displeasure at ACT MPs who voted against the CUB by exclaiming “Unfortunately, five ACT members disgraced themselves by voting against. So a big fuck you very much to Stephen Franks, Muriel Newman, Gerry Eckhoff, Deborah Coddington and Kenneth Wang.”

Jordan Carter is no more impressed with the five Labour MPs who did the same, stating: “As for the Labour MPs who voted against – John Tamihere, Ross Robertson, Harry Duynhoven, Clayton Cosgrove, Taito Phillip Field and Damien O’Connor – all I will say is they are very lucky they don’t depend on the Labour Party list for their election. I am ashamed that they have “Labour” attached to their names. To vote against this legislation indicates their values base is not Labour’s”.

And finally we have Blair Mulholland saying what he really thinks of some of the leading lights in ACT.

“ACT is run by people who have in the past been a complete disgrace to those on the freedom side of the spectrum. They often seems like a pack of boy racers trying to overcompensate for their penis envy, aided and abetted by a former leader who either deliberately or incompetently (still can’t decide which) encouraged and extended this “divide and rule” regime to the parliamentary party and its staff. Add to this a founder who set up the party structure so that ordinary members are completely at the whim of a politburo and you have a party that has remained afloat only through the twin graces of National’s unpopularity and a big wad of cash every three years.”

Wow tell us what you really think Blair 🙂

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