Seditious Conspiracy

For the first time in around 80 years we have had a charge of seditious conspiracy laid, against the man who put an axe through Helen Clark’s electorate office.

No Right Turn does not like a law which includes “excite disaffection against… the Government” as a crime. I have to admit that at first glance it looks like this blog could get me charged with the same crime!

However important to point out the charge was not laid over the axe attack, but over some pamphlets the accussed had produced. Until one knows what the content of these were, one should not jump to conclusions over whether the charge is approproiate.

TVNZ name the man charged as Tim Selwyn. I presume this is the Tim Selwyn of suicide article fame. If so, Ben Thomas at Dog Biting Men may have some stories to tell. By coincidence Ben, who was editor of the suicide issue, has just blogged about suicide!

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