A six pound burger record demolished

Since 1998 Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania has had a number of extra large burgers with the biggest weighing in at six pounds of beef.

Ye Olde 96er (it has 96 ounces of meat) includes:
* Two whole tomatoes
* A half-head of lettuce
* 12 slices of American cheese
* A full cup of peppers
* Two entire onions

And they offered a special prize for anyone who could eat one in under three hours. Challengers came and went, including the 420 pound “professional” eater Eric “Badlands” Booker who who has managed 49 doughnuts in eight minutes but in three times to eat the 96er failed twice and took 7 1/2 hours the third time.

But finally a few days ago the record was broken, to headlines around the world. And the person who managed it in 2 hrs 54 minutes was now a 420 pound guy, but 100 pound Kate Stelnick.


That is very impressive!! It doesn’t totally surprise me as I recall at Otago University a pizza eating contest (sponsored by Poppas) and the winner was this small petite 1st year girl who just set a steady rate and never slowed down.

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