Blogger Drinks Wed 26

Jordan proposed a few days ago to have some drinks in Wellington for bloggers and blog readers who are keen to catch up. There was quite a good reaction so the drinks are confirmed for 7.00 pm onwards at the Backbencher.

As we are not Aucklanders (well Jordan used to be but he is recovering) we will not be having anyone getting up to wax about why they blog and what it means to them. The intent is just to be social, no doubt have some good debates, and have fun.

I will have my digital camera with me, and plan to take a few photos. But if you prefer not to be living your life in public, like me (I can not believe NBR published one of my New Year’s resolutions!) then just let me know and I will make sure I avoid photos of you, or at least identifying you in them.

The drinks are not just for political bloggers, but anyone who has a blog, or comments or reads blogs. Basically any excuse for a drink 🙂

We’ll book a few tables, so it would be useful if those planning to come along let Jordan or I know.

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