Change the Flag Campaign

The change the flag petition is being officially launched today.

The petition is to trigger a vote to be held in conjunction with the general election on changing the flag. This will give all New Zealanders a say on the debate. I will be actively supporting the petition, and urge those who want a vote, to take the time to sign the petition which can be downloaded here.

I consider myself an immensely patriotic New Zealander. I love living here, and love being able to say around the world that I am from New Zealand. National symbols such as flags can play a huge role in a country’s identity. I want a flag which symbolises New Zealand. The current one is just totally uninspiring, unoriginal and blah. The fact that so many of our top sports people, who more than most know the pride that comes with representing NZ, suport a change of flag, suggests the current one is badly lacking.

I honestly don’t know anyone who finds the current flag particularly great. Sure people support it because of the ties to the UK, or because it was used in WWII, but that is supporting it because it is the status quo, rather than on its merits.

The flag debate, for me, is nothing to do with the republican debate. It is about having a national symbol which doesn’t need a magnifying glass to tell apart from Australia’s. It is about a flag which incorporates symbols, whether they be ferns or korus or whatever, that we do identify with. It’s about being able to recognise our flag from 100 metres away and taking pride in it.

Signing the petition will trigger a vote, which will give all NZers a say. The vote, if positive, will no doubt lead to some sort of design contest, which would be a great talent contest.

Have a look at the excellent website for more information, and if you want a vote on the flag at the election, sign the petition.

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