The pizza hierarchy

Had lunch at one red dog with trifecta girl yesterday. It got me thinking about the hierarchy of pizza in New Zealand.

At the very bottom you have Domino’s. Dirt cheap but almost inedible. Can only be consumed if very drunk and no other pizza is available.

Then you have Pizza Haven. Pizza Haven is basically bland yuck. You can eat it, and if you are very poor it is an option, but really still best to avoid.

In the middle one has Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is good standard fare. One can eat it on a regular basis. It is not amazingly tasty but it does the job and is pretty well priced. Eagles Boys were a bit better before Pizza Hut took them over, but as I said Pizza Hut is okay.

Then we have Hell Pizza. Hell Piza is great – they have terrific variety, not too thick crusts, and are just a great feed. They cost a fair bit more than Pizza Hut, but if price is not an issue, they are worth it. Ironically only problem is one can eat so much more of their pizzas, the cost increases even more per person.

Finally at the top of the food chain we have One Red Dog. They are dine in, not take-away so not always an option. But until yesterday I had forgotten how absolutely superb their pizzas are. A half and half large between two is a great meal. If you have not tried One Red Dog for pizza, go do so now. Don’t do it too often as you will find it hard to go back to other pizza for a while.

This concludes DPF on pizzas.

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