UN attacks US again

At some stage I will do a long detailed post how the UN, how the end of the cold war changed it, and what now needs to change to redeem itself, but that will wait for another day.

I did get angry reading this CBS story where a UN official has complained the US military are not co-operating enough. Almost every report from the area has said that the US military are doing mthe roe than any other group to actually save lives. To attack them publicly is just stupid, petty and counter productive – even *if* some of the criticisms have a bit of validity.

But you know complaining that the American helicopters are working too fast in spreading relief supplies, and that they should slow down so survivor assessments should be done is well almost bizarre. At this stage the emergency relief is far more important that the assessments.

As expected the Diplomad has had an explosion of rage.

It is worth noting that the A$1B aid package from Australia will all be administered bilaterally and not go through the UN.

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