Big Thumb

Tuesday turned into quite a big night. Met a campaign volunteer at the Backbencher at 5.30 and then headed to the Grand (now Shooters) at 7.30 for drinks with Stats Girl.

Decided to do chinese for dinner and we went to Big Thumb, which I had not been to before. I am going to make it my regular chinese restaurant it was so good.

It was packed full, which I thought was unusual for a Tuesday until I realised it was Chinese New Years Eve. This meant the meal took a while, but great service in that they let us know upfront.

I had the Ho Fun seafood with egg sauce dish which I can only rave about. If you like seafood and noodles you must try this! The noodles were beautiful long wide ones which soaked up the sauce wonderfully. And there was a large amount of seafood provided for a dish that only costed $15. I can see myself getting addicated to this dish.

We were there for a couple of hours, which was perfect timing to finish off a bottle of Church Road cab/merlot for only $35. Also recommended.

Dropped stats girl back home around 11 pm and then visited Miss Ten and Milk Maid’s new flat in Thorndon. A nicer place that what I lived in as a student. Eventually home at 1.30 am and needing to get up at 5 a.m. – ouch.

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