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A good Dominion Post editorial on welfare.

A couple of good lines:

“Jobs Jolt sounded like it was going to be a cattle prod on the rump of idle beneficiaries, but has turned out more like someone saying boo over the fence.”

“The three-year Jobs Jolt strategy has seen just 1768 beneficiaries move off the benefit so far. The aim was to move 22,000 beneficiaries into work.”

and most of all

“The Government’s not-so-bright ideas of new ways to spend taxpayers’ money are becoming tedious. Much as it does not like it, it cannot go on creating new ways to spend money on the one hand while saying on the other that it really does not have as much excess money as it appears. It seems to apply far less rigour to its spending than the average household does.”

Also while visiting the Dominion Post, the Tom Scott cartoon on the Sevens is a good one.

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